Pattern Cutting & Making for Absolute Beginners

This course will teach you to create a Hoodie Sweater with a Zipper and Stitching. By learning to create these details you will be able to create many type of detailed elements for you future designs.

This course is about being able to turn a flat drawing or sketch into real looking clothing using 3D software. You will get lectures that cover tool and concepts along with Marvelous designer files of the final output and textures used.

By taking this course will be learning about a tool that covers more than just fashion but it opens up other industries like game and movies. You will be learning a skill where you can either save money for your fashion company or provide 3D clothing for your game characters.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for Fashion Designers who would like to save time and money making their samples. It allows them to give their pattern maker a clear picture of what their sample should look like.
  • This course is for those looking to increase their designs with more details in the garment
  • If you are into making clothing for your 3D Characters for use in movies or games

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